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1. Reaping Fields I've Never Sown
2. I'll Plead the Blood 
3. A New Song Now 
4. He Took Me In 
5. Someday You Will
6. Mama Told Me About Jesus
7. I Won't Be Coming Back
8. One More Time Let Me Tell You
9. That Soldier Was Me
10. The First Flight to Glory 
11. Take Him in the Boat 
12. Two Went Up, One Came Down 
13. He Wrote My Name in Blood
14. His Day Will Come 
15. Where the Old Frank Died
16. Waiting on My Ride
17. I'll Fly Like an Eagle 
18. I Feel That Holy Ghost Power
19. I Must Be Nearing Home
20. Church Lift Up Your Head

Reaping From Fields & Waiting on My Ride DVD

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