Vernell Morrow was born Ruth Vernell Clark on October 28th, 1955. She was born in Franklin County Alabama to Albert and Virgie Clark. Vernell grew up around music. Her father was a bluegrass musician playing several instruments and teaching her to play at an early age. She first took the stage at twelve years old playing rhythm for her dad.

            She finished high school in 1974 in Belgreen. She married Phillip Allison in 1976 and moved to Hamilton. She continued to play in her dad’s bluegrass band.  In 1981, she received the Lord at Weston Baptist church, which later became the Family Worship Center of Hamilton.  Vernell’s life and music changed. She was voted music director and served for thirteen years as she continued to play in her father’s band. 

            Vernell’s father passed away in 1993 and she lost her husband Phillip in 2000.  Struggling to hold on to the music she loved, she played in several local groups including True Foundation, Bull Mt. Bluegrass Boys, The Jones Family Band, and the Bluegrass Gospel Connection.
            In 2007, Vernell was called to work by Bro. Grady Davidson at the T.V. station in Fulton, MS. She became the sound engineer for the station. Vernell felt the call to minister and began a program each Saturday afternoon called Broken Vessel Ministries.

            It was at T.V. 39 where she met Marvin Morrow who expressed an interest in producing a CD project for her. Vernell released her first CD in February 2014 entitled, “My Friend”, taken from the first song she had written. Later that year she became Marvin’s wife.

            Marvin and Vernell have written several songs, which are included in their new songbook, “Old Ship Song Book #5”.  Some of these songs have been recorded by artists such as Ralph and Nathan Stanley, Mike Devore, Dennis Thompson and Joyful Hearts.  In addition to wiring and recording songs, she travels many states along side Marvin performing concerts and live television programs.

            Vernell is fulfilling a lifetime dream to travel as a gospel singer and minister doing the work the Lord has called her to do.  Her mission is to carry the gospel and to give God the praise and glory for all his blessings.

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